President Lincoln


Cooper Farms is committed to providing the best products while incurring the least environmental impact on surrounding farms, waterways, and communities. We feel we must be good stewards of the natural resources all around us, therefore, "reduce, reuse, recycle" is more than just a catch phrase for the Cooper Farms team, it's a way of life.

Some of the programs we have implemented to fulfill this commitment would include:

  • Encourage use of recycling bins throughout all locations for aluminum, paper, batteries, tires, scrap iron and other items
  • Digitalized reports
  • Paperless pay systems
  • Reduce unnecessary printing
  • Switch to higher efficiency lighting and use motion sensors
  • Use materials that can be washed and reused when possible
  • Use package designs which eliminate unnecessary material  use and are recyclable
  • Conduct energy audits
  • Recycle frying oil to heat water or buildings or as a feed additive
  • Utilize a stack economizer
  • Utilize local ingredients
  • Maintain 507 acres of wooded timberland in its natural state and 150 acres of conservation reserves
  • Recycle compost as fertilizer
  • And much more!