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Sanitation Crew Member- 2nd & 3rd shift

Posted on: 02 26, 2015

Processing Division - St. Henry Ohio

Objectives/Summary of Position: The primary goal of this position is the orderly, smooth, and efficient off hours operation of cleaning and sanitizing all plant production areas.

Skills Required: Position requires knowledge of cleaning and sanitation equipment and supplies, physical strength, manual dexterity, and the ability to work quickly. Must be aware of chemical handling and safety.

Physical Requirements: For the physical requirements of this job, please see Human Resources.

Major Responsibilities/Essential Functions of the Job:

A. Clean and sanitize all production equipment, machinery, conveyors, and areas.
B. Hose down, clean and sanitize floors of the production area.
C. Empty all trash containers.
D. Notify supervisor of necessary equipment maintenance and repairs.
E. Use time wisely.
F. Pass chemical handling class.
G. Pass lock/out tag/out class.
H. Posses a walkie/forklift license within a reasonable amount of time.
I. Assume pre-op duties as required.
1. Maintain a good attitude toward all fellow team members.
2. Maintain an active interest in improving performance level.
3. Actively maintains high personal sanitary measures by following the established guidelines.
4. Maintain a good attendance record and report to work on time. 5. Perform related duties as apparent or assigned.
6. Demonstrates an active interest and positive safety attitude. 7. Demonstrates an active interest in producing quality products/services.

These are the current essential functions of the job and are subject to change.