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Egg Breaker Operator

Posted on: 03 27, 2018

Feed & Animal Division - Fort Recovery Ohio

A trained Breaker Operator is capable of functioning efficiently at all workstations that comprise the egg breaking process. This position consists of rotation that allows you to work at six different stations (material handler, loader, candler, breaker, scanner and flat washer) throughout the day.

  1. Follow all GMP, NACCP and Safety Policies. Follow all government regulations (OSHA, EPA, USDA, FSIS).
  2. Cooperate, assist and communicate well with other team members. 
  3. Maintain an active interest in improving performance level. 
  4. Work with and cooperate with lead, QA and management staff. 
  5. Efficiently operate all stations throughout the rotation process including: Loader, Material Handler, Candler, Breaker, Scanner and Flat Washer.
  6. Understand how the flat washer works and be able to take care of any problems that arise while working at the flat washer to keep the flat washer working effectively.
  7. Be able to recognize and correct inefficiencies that the flat washer may be causing. 
  8. Work with maintenance employees on any maintenance concerns with the flat washer. 
  9. Complete any paperwork that needs to be completed effectively.