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Biosecurity Auditor

Posted on: 06 12, 2018

Feed & Animal Division - Fort Recovery Ohio
Reports To: Company Veterinarian
FLSA Status: Non Exempt

Objective of position:
 Work closely with all Cooper Farms Divisions including but not limited to service reps, crews, transportation, farm movements, auditing, live animal transport, feed milling and delivery as well as logistics, manure and dead animal disposal, and cleaning and disinfecting of equipment. In all of these areas, it is critical and vital to ensure all areas adhere to biosecurity guidelines and SOPs. Communication and attention to detail is extremely essential.

Skills required: Applicant must be organized and extremely detailed. This position requires the ability to work independently yet be able to communicate information thoroughly and accurately. Excellent communication skills as well as unwavering in the execution of audits is of the utmost importance. Daily travel, working with animals, and computer skills are all essential daily functions of this position. Preferred candidates should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Animal Science; however, candidates with an Associate’s degree and/or equivalent experience will be considered.

1. Obtain and review biosecurity SOPs for all Cooper Farms Divisions
2. Make modifications and biosecurity improvements as necessary
3. Train team members and confirm all biosecurity SOPs are being followed
4. Complete random audit inspections of all Cooper Farms operations
5. Take regular and random samples of equipment, facilities, etc for pathogens of concern
6. Compile and report all sampling results
7. Develop action plan lists from audits with necessary timelines and communicate and coordinate with necessary teams
8. Audit areas and staff and compile and communicate results including:
a. Barns after cleaning for proper cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection
b. Internal staff for proper flow in health pyramids
c. Vaccinations based on health status and proper vaccine administration
d. Inspect and audit off-site cleaning facilities
e. Audit diseased flocks/farms as deemed necessary
9. Communicate and work with Oakwood and FR staffs to insure proper information sharing
10. Keep updated on industry standards and changes concerning biosecurity procedures and communicate with the Cooper Farms teams
11. Maintains a good attitude towards manager and other team members
12. Strives to maintain a safe working environment and actively enforces safe working practices
13. Maintains a good attendance record and reports to work on time
14. Maintains an active interest in performance level
15. Performs related work as apparent or assigned