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St. Henry Evisceration 1st & 3rd shifts

Posted on: 10 6, 2011

Processing Division - St. Henry Ohio
The primary goal of this position is the quick, smooth, and efficient operation of performing jobs as directed by supervision on the evisceration line.

Position requires knowledge of knives and knife safety, knowledge of product quality standard, finger dexterity, manual dexterity, and the ability to work quickly.


  1. Perform all job functions as assigned by supervisor.
  2. Rotate with other team members as directed by supervisor.
  3. Help keep your work stations clean and keep edible products off of the floor
  4. Repeat process to ensure continuous smooth and efficient operations.
  5. Maintain a good attitude toward all fellow team members and company.
  6. Maintain an active interest in improving performance level.
  7. Actively maintains high personal sanitary measures by following the established guidelines.
  8. Maintain a good attendance record and report to work on time.
  9. Perform related duties as apparent or assigned.
  10. Demonstrates an active interest and positive safety attitude.
  11. Demonstrates an active interest in producing quality products/services.