President Lincoln

What We Believe

At Cooper Farms, we believe in family. We believe that our customer is the captain and our team members are our shipmates. Our customers drive what we do and constantly push us to better products and utilize new methods, while our hard-working and knowledgeable team members help us to always be successful in fulfilling these new ideas, producing more and better quality products each and every day.

Cooper Farms combines tradition and teamwork to produce the healthiest and most flavorful product assortment for today’s consumers. We dedicate ourselves to providing customers with individual attention in producing all their private label and Cooper Farms brand products.

The Cooper Family has always been focused on the same dedication to hard work and honesty. It is these principles that have allowed us to become one of the largest independent turkey producers in the United States.

Our Vision

To be a world-class family company, working closely with our customers to produce the highest quality meat and agricultural products.

Our Mission

At Cooper Farms we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products through teamwork and innovation. Our approach: to do things better today than we did them yesterday.

We will develop lasting relationships with our customers and listen closely to their needs. We will empower our team members to be a part of our success and provide for them a place where they are proud to work, by being more than a workplace. As a team we will embody all that family represents, putting ethics and integrity above all else.