Only male turkeys gobble, females making a clicking sound

Animal Care

At Cooper Farms we care about the safety, welfare and health of our animals and neighbors. We feel it is our moral obligation to provide our animals with things such as a safe environment, quality health care, a nutritionally balanced diet, proper handling and care and much more.

As a means of ensuring these things happen, certified animal care specialists are hired to audit the policies and procedures to guarantee that all animals are receiving the best care and living conditions. Specialized nutritionists ensure that all diets are balanced by incorporating vitamins and minerals into the feed for the animals’ steady growth. Cooper Farms is constantly seeking new and improved methods of animal care. Under the guidance of staff veterinarians, they continue to hold all care and growing practices to the highest standards in the industry.

At Cooper Farms it is believed that a strong biosecurity program is the best defense in minimizing the risk of disease and illness in the animals. The controlled environments reduce the threat of disease causing agents from entering the farms and affecting the animals. The reproduction farms require workers to shower in and out, while growing farms require special garments prior to entry. Entry to all farms is restricted with signs prominently displayed.